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The ordering process is a "feed forward" linear process as outlined below:


Users login with an email address and password.  Without logging in, no pages beyond this step can be viewed.  If not recognized as a previous user, users complete a NEW USER FORM which can either allow immediate ordering or hold the user profile request for administrator review. 

"New User Verification Process"

When a new user requests a logins, the system can be configured to either let the user proceed with ordering unimpeded, or optionally the system can hold the user login request in "limbo" until an administrator approves the login request.  How this works:  an email is dispatched to the single administrator who then edits this users profile and "re-saves" the changes... at that moment, our system emails the customer and lets them know they can now continue shopping.


The profile stores text and digital assets associated with a user record or "profile".  For example, a customer’s name, email address, password, photo, title and phone number may all be stored in their profile.  We can provide multiple levels of access so that administrators can - for example - view, edit profiles for and place orders on behalf of others.


A catalog of items, filtered based on the user's group and role, is presented.  Multiple tabs can be used to break the catalog up into sections.  One or more items are selected and the user continues.


For variable imprint items such as marketing materials the user is presented with a form asking for information related to the imprint and configuration of these items.  This step can be skipped if the items for this order need no configuration - such as inventoried "pick and pack" items.


A 100% accurate screen proof is shown in GIF and PDF formats for users to review how the document will look upon production.


Ordering sites can have one or more delivery options, and these options can be filtered to be made available only for certain types of products.  The user chooses one option (or, if only one option is available, that option is chosen for them) and enters delivery information on the shipping page.  Shipping rates and sales tax can be calculated at this point.


On this page, the user reviews shipping rate options - if any - and enters appropriate billing information to pay for their order.  This may include credit card information or billing code fields.  Different billing information can be shown to different groups of users if necessary.


This optional step gives users a final summary of their items and pricing before submitting the order.


The user is shown a confirmation screen including a 6-digit tracking number and order receipt - this is also emailed to the customer immediately.  In the background various processes kick into action depending on site configuration and items that were ordered.

Order Emails and Approval Process

Upon submission on an order, the requester receives a confirmation email.  If an Order Approval Process is enabled for this site, an email is dispatched to an administrator who can edit, approve or deny an order.  Up to two-steps of order approval are available, and a myriad of configuration options are available.  A reminder/trigger system ensure that lagging managers are not allowed to 'snooze' on live orders

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