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Connecting all the dots in the stationery ordering process. One of the critical factors in the success of any business information system is the accurate and reliable exchange of data between platforms. Maximum Graphics brings a wealth of experience and tools to the table to handle integration requirements ranging from the common to the completely custom.
Our mission is always the same: seamless integration.
Our experience with the cXML protocol started with Ariba but has subsequently expanded into a variety of cXML conversiant platforms as the standard has taken hold across the industry. We also have working integrations with the EFI's Logic/Covalent and the TopForm platforms, as well as numerous legacy and proprietary platforms specific to our customers and their vendors.
Any ordering site can be optionally linked to a Shipping System so as to provide end user customers with automated, up to the minute order status information, including door-to-door shipping status via e-Quantum.
We believe that our integration tools, methods and programming give us a distinct advantage in the marketplace. In the long run, our customers who have gone the extra mile to integrate our systems enjoy a distinct advantage over those who fail to “connect all the dots” in the order processing lifecycle. Contact us with your integration needs.

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