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preparing files
  • Fonts

    Use only Postscript fonts. True Type fonts do not output as consistently. To be certain we match the font you desire exactly, include screen and printer fonts of each font used in your document. These should be placed in a separate folder/sub-directory named "Fonts". It is also important to include all original images with your output file.

  • Trapping

    Do not trap your files. All files used to create the document should be enclosed and in a format that can be trapped. If the file contains Freehand EPSF files, the original Freehand files must be included.

  • Color

    All scans should be saved as CMYK or grayscale in TIFF format. Do not use RGB images or JPEGs. Be sure to prepare your colors correctly for either spot color or process. Make sure colors created in outside programs (Freehand, Illustrator or Photoshop) have the exact same names as the spot colors in your page layout.

  • Format

    Be sure to include 1/8" extra for all bleeds. Always include separated lasers with your file; this will allow us to check that what we print looks as you intended.

  • Sending the file

    Electronic files, under 4 Megs, can be emailed to prepress@maximumgraphics.net. Files larger than 4 Megs can be uploaded to our FTP site. Contact our Customer Service Department for an instant Login Name and Password. Please compress your files into an archive or convert to a PDF. Stuffit for the Mac and WinZip for the PC are also acceptable.

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